Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 2009 - News

Congratulations to our newly trained volunteer tutors! We just completed our three-evening tutor workshop on March 26, 2009 training 25 new tutors! Many thanks to our amazing Workshop Chair, Nicole Bennett and all the presenters for doing a fabulous job. We have already begun the process of matching the new tutors with waiting students. The workshop was one of our best; we even had a waiting list and a few that will have to wait until the October training. Please check our events page for upcoming information on our Fall workshop.

We also had a fantastic time at the first tutor-student appreciation potluck held at Good Samaritan Presbyterian Church on March 28, 2009. We presented our tutors and one attending student with appreciation certificates and other gifts to thank them for their generous tutoring and other volunteer hours. Charles County Commissioner Samuel Graves, Jr. also attended and presented each tutor with a Charles County lapel pin; LifeStyles of MD Program Director, Dana Harty also attended with several guests. Many thanks also to our Board of Directors for helping us put all of this together, including providing many delicious dishes as well as the tutors who brought dishes; special thanks to Sally Brandt for offering her church as a location for this event. We appreciate all of you!