Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charles County Literacy Council Volunteer Tutor Training Workshop October 13, 2011

Front Row (L-R): Beka Carmichael, Rachel Adams, Sheila Landes, Diane McHale, Janice Worden, Yvette Thomas and Maurice Landes.
Back Row (L-R): Ted Lewis, Britta Hertling, Mario Bianco, David Hartful, Jr., Senator Mac Middleton (who presented the certificates), Dyotha Sweat, Lisa Hackley and Debbie Lewis.

October 2011 – Tutor Sonya Sargent-Oliver

Tutor Sonya Sargent-Oliver presenting her adult learner, with his Laubach Way to Reading 2 diploma.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 2011 - News

Our one day retreat on Saturday, July 30 was fabulous and well attended. We shared a lot of ideas for the coming year. The Charles County Literacy Council also received a grant of New Reader’s Press books through the National Book Fund and ProLiteracy. We are extremely grateful for this award which will help replenish our supply of books for current and incoming tutors and students.

July 4, 2011, - Tutor Jane Shumacher

Tutor Jane Shumacher presenting Level 4 Math completion diploma to her student at P.D Brown Library.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 2011 - News

Our newly trained tutors from our spring 2011 workshop have been matched with waiting adult students in the areas of reading, math and English for Speakers of Other Languages, including some who are assisting in classrooms at the Lifelong Learning Center.  Congratulations to all of our new tutors!

May 2011 - Volunteer tutor B. Brawner

Volunteer tutor B. Brawner presenting her math completion diploma to ASVAB student (left).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2011 - News

We have just completed our spring 2011 Volunteer Tutor Training Workshop which took place on March 29-31, 2011 at the Lifelong Learning Center in Waldorf, MD. Congratulations to our 14 new tutors! Tutors will soon be matched one-on-one with adult students who need help with reading, basic math and English for speakers of other languages. For information on our Fall tutor training workshop, visit our Events page in early summer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charles County Literacy Council Volunteer Tutor Training Workshop March 31, 2011

Front Row (L-R) Turula Harvey-Miller, Marcia Poling, Francina Brown, Anna Potterfield and Bernice Washington
Back Row (L-R) Pauline Deans-Bryant, Sonya Harris-Ladjevich, Meredith Flippen, Eve Aldridge, Commissioner Reuben Collins (who presented tutor training certificates), Hunter Lewis, Erin Jones and Robert Poling.
Not pictured: Mara Johnson and Elisa Mills.

March 2011 – Volunteer tutor Angela Sherard

Volunteer tutor Angela Sherard presenting her math student with his math level 1 completion diploma.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 2011 - Charles County Literacy Council is now on Facebook

Many thanks to Danielle Troiano who set up Facebook for us. David Paul, Information Services Manager at Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, who hosts our website was also of immediate and creative assistance. Sonja Scharles, our President will be handling the site maintenance. This will be another way to notify the public of upcoming events, post testimonials and photos from social occasions and keep tutors informed. “Like” us on Facebook and “share” us with all your friends.

February 2011 - Volunteer tutor Lorretta Hopkins

Volunteer tutor Lorretta Hopkins presenting her student his Laubach Way to Reading diploma.

February 2011 - Volunteer tutor Monique Mercer-Coleman

Volunteer tutor Monique Mercer-Coleman presenting her student with his math level 2 completion diploma.